Tarpon Fishing


This week Key West and the Florida Keys has been bombarded with sustained 25-30+ MPH winds. That has kept boats at the dock doing maintenance. But the good news is the Tarpon are here. These high winds have been warm, so the water temps did not drop to drastically. Once the winds subside (this coming week) and the water has a day or two to clean up, the Tarpon fishing should resume.

Fishing for The SilverKing has been outstanding. Above are some pics from a 2 day trip with Capt. Tom “Shore Lunch” Mannas (of Peerless II Charters out of Lake Erie), Ryan “Web-designer Extraordinaire” Valentine (http://aetomic.com/) & Mike “Take Me Home” Krysiak. Over the two days we hooked 17 Tarpon and brought 13 to the boat. This was Tom’s first ever Tarpon fishing trip, he managed to boat a few and get some great pics. I think we spoiled him.

ShadowCaster has some open dates in April so give Capt John a call @ 305.587.7669 to get in on some great Key West fishing!!