Late January 2009

This is the time of year that you really have to take fishing on a daily basis. One day it might be cold with a north wind blowing 25 mph and the next it is sunny and 80 degrees. These types of rapid weather changes keeps the fisherman on his toes. Finding warm water is the key to success this time of year and that water has been on the oceanside flats of the Lower Keys. These flats have been holding alot of barracuda and jacks. When I say alot, I mean alot. Last Saturday I had a father and son from Ohio and we had to see over 100 big Cudas laying up. Not all of these fish were cooperative, but I bet we managed to entice 10 or 12 to eat our tube lures. The Jacks have also been ferocious, and what fun they are on a light tackle outfit in shallow water.
February is here and this is the time of year we start to look for the Tarpon that migrate through our waters in the Spring. Just yesterday we found a large school of the Silverkings rolling in one of thier favorite channels near Key West. Although they wern’t interested in our offerings it was a great sign to see so many fish this early. I think the warm days of February are going to provide us with some great Tarpon action. Permit is another fish that we begin to see in February, above is one we caught this week on an ocenside flat. So fishing is definitly on the rise and I am looking forward to a great Spring. I stiil have some days open in February, so if you want to catch some Big fish on light tackle give me a call.

By Captain John Smouse Keys Fishing Reports 0 Comments