Key West January Fishing Report

Down here in the winter sometimes these cold fronts are a good thing for the fishing. The weather before the front is usually warm and sunny and that can really turn the fishing on. When that water temperature has a chance to stabilize the permit start to come from the deeper channels and back up on the flats to feed. During these days of warmth there have been a good number of permit around, as well as barracuda, probably the most under-rated fish on the flats. I just love fishing for them, there are very few fish that provide the excitement that a cuda does.

Tarpon have been in some of the channels around Key West in the very early morning, these fish I have been seeing have all been on the larger side. Bonefish, a species that does not get much thought in January, have been coming up on the flats during midday, when the temperature and tides are right. Now for January to be able to fish for all three of the most prized flats fish is a great thing. This is the time of year that basin fishing is loaded with action. You will catch everything from Speckled seatrout to ladyfish to jack crevalle and often you are getting a bite on every cast. On light tackle this fishing can be loads of fun for everyone.

By Captain John Smouse Keys Fishing Reports 0 Comments