By Captain John Smouse

The End of September

A few pics of some of the Great fishing in late September. The weather has been beautiful with light winds and clear skies most days. Look forward to some great October fishing. Bonefishing is at its peak this next month!! Sharkin on the flats for those big Lemons will remain great until the cold fronts start. Give Capt John a call @ 305-587-7669 for some great light tackle fishing in sunny Key West.

By Captain John Smouse

August 2011

Here a a couple of really nice Permit we caught this past week. Also a picture of Neil, a great customer and fisherman, showing off some of the beautiful waters we get to fish here in Key West.
The weather associated with Hurricane Irene is gone and we are getting back to our calm Southeast winds. Couple that with the low tides we will have this week I am expecting the Bonefishing and Shark Fishing to be great. September is one of the best months to pursue the Grey Ghost.

By Captain John Smouse

Tarpon are still on the menu!!! (and Permit too)

They just won’t leave. The Tarpon fishing in mid-July usually cosists of targeting the baby fish in the mangroves. While they are a blast, everyone likes the Big Dawgs. And they are still here. Above are a few pics of some of the fish from this past week.

The Permit fishing has been great on the incoming tides. The very light winds have created awesome tailing conditions.

By Captain John Smouse

July is Hot (I mean fishing)

The Tarpon fishing has been great in and around the Key West Harbor. We have been catching BIG fish on both tides. These fish are usually making their push out of here by mid/late June, but I am not complaining. I hope they stick around for a little while longer. The Permit fishing is is great as well. They love the warm calm water that the summer months bring to Key West. It has been creating some great tailing conditions!!!!

By Captain John Smouse

Family Fishing

Dan Corullo (aka: The Trail Boss) brought his family of 12 down for the second year in a row to fish with the ShadowCaster. We had Lady Luck on our side this year. Over four days of fishing we managed to boat multiple Big Tarpon, Lemon Sharks, Barracudas and Permit. We threw in a few Groupers along the way. Bryce (Dan’s 10 yr old grandson) hooked, fought and landed (with a little help from his dad) the biggest Tarpon of the season. A big fish that went in the neighborhood of 180lbs!!!!
Another week of great fishing in the beautiful waters of Key Wes

By Captain John Smouse

Sometimes Pictures aren’t Needed

My son wanted to experience the thrill of catching a barracuda. He hooked fifteen, and landed twelve, in a six-hour flats trip with John.
I have been coming to Key West for eight years and have fished with five different flats guides – none could match John in fish catching. John is excellent with the experienced angler, and extraordinary with the novice. He’s always “ready to go” when you get there, and you spend your time fishing, not getting supplies, setting up rods, finding bait or driving around the water. His gear is in excellent shape, and he has plenty of what you need on board.
I caught one tarpon in my first seven years of fishing here. In seven hours of tarpon fishing with John, I caught six (would have been one per hour, but I lost the seventh fish). Fish with whomever you like; I’ll fish with John.
Al Schultz
Buffalo, New York

By Captain John Smouse

June 2010

Key West is covered up in Fish!!!! (Not Oil) So anyone wondering about the Oil situation here in Key West, there isn’t one. We are completely free of any oil form the DeepWater Horizon.

The fishing this summer is exactly how it should be. TarponPermitBonefishSharks Galore. Above are a few fish caught this week. Laura and Kelly Kilbur came back to KW from TX for some great Tarpon fishing in which they managed to release quite a few fish topping the 100lb mark. Laura did it again this year with her 28lb Permit.

Bonefishing has been heating up as the summer moves on with multiple shots every morning. Above is Dr Rob Boone with his first ever bonefish.