By Captain John Smouse

Great start to 2014

Here are just a few of the Fish we have been catching aboard the ShadowCaster since the first of the year. As you can see the winter months bring many surprises and varieties of fish!!
With the weather patterns always changing we have been fishing differently everyday to maximize our catches.

Call Capt John @ 305 587 7669 today to take advantage of the warm weather and the great Key West fishing.

By Captain John Smouse

Recent letter from longtime Customer

This is why I love what I do everyday:

“One thing Key West has in abundance is flats fishing guides. Here’s why I fish with John:

The short of it is: John does whatever he can to make your experience outstanding. First, John finds out what you want to do. Then he customizes your trip to meet your desires and your skill level. If you don’t know what you want, or how good you are, John will design a trip to give you a broad experience, and adjust the day as conditions and ability come clear.

Sure, John is experienced, knowledgeable and always ready early. He uses the best bait and his tackle is in pristine condition. You’d think that is a “given” for a professional fishing captain – but believe me, it is not.

My son wanted to catch barracuda. He has serious hip problems. John set up a cushioned seat on the bow – my son caught 15 ‘cudas in one day. My wife wanted to catch her first fish in the sea, and “bend a rod”. She caught eight (I think) redfish, all 24 inches plus, and a few big Jacks and a few ‘cudas. Yes, I’ve caught Tarpon – lots of them – plus Permit and ‘cudas in February and March. Even a 40+ pound Jewfish. We killed nothing – John’s preference, always.

But the key to John is this: when my wife threw her lure into the mangroves, Before she could say “oh no!”, she had a baited rod in her hand and John was pointing out fish. When I jumped a Tarpon off, John had another rod in my hand before I could say my version of “oh no!”. John runs around the boat to make sure you fish continuously. Never criticizes or rales on the client. This, too, should be a “given”, but believe me, it’s not. It’s fun to watch John coreograph the dance when both fishermen hook up at the same time. His focus is on your experience – many other guides simply don’t get this.

My wife sums up John with a simple “John is a gentleman”. Yes, he is.

Al Schultz”

By Captain John Smouse

Winter has arrived in Key West. This is a great time of year to target the flats around Key West. After the cold fronts push through, the blue bird skies and cool temperatures are right behind. As the water temps drop we are going to be targeting nice big Jacks and Barracudas on the flats. Always ready with a rod armed with a live crab for the Permit that can show up out of nowhere. This a a very visual type of fishing and provides some spectacular bites.
When the wind is up we can still get out there and bend the rod on some fish. The basins and grass flats come alive with Sea Trout, Jacks, Ladyfish, Pompano, and Blacktip Sharks. This fishing is for all skill levels and came be filled with action. Give Capt John a call @ 305-587-7669 to get out on the water and experience what Key West is all about!!