Keys Flats Fishing Species

Key West and the lower keys is a rich environment for sportfishing. Ideal conditions year-round make this a top destination for backcountry and flats fishing enthusiasts. Fish you might expect to catch on the Shadow Caster are listed below.

Key West Tarpon


(Megalops atlanticus)
AKA: Silver king
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Tarpon Fishing Information

Key West Permit Fishing


(Trachinotus falcatus)
AKA: Round pompano, great pompano
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Permit Fishing Information

Key West Bonefish Charters


(Albula vulpes)
AKA: Grey ghost
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Key West Sea Trout Fishing

Sea Trout

(Cynoscion nebulosus)
AKA: Spotted sea trout, speckled trout, spec
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Key West Shark Fishing


(Various Species)
Frequent Catches: Black tip, nurse, lemon
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Key West Jack Crevalle Fishing

Crevalle Jack

(Caranx hippos)
AKA: Jack, Jiguagua
Crevalle Jack Photo Gallery

Key West Jack Crevalle Fishing


(Sphyraena barracuda)
AKA: Great barracuda, sea pike
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