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Permit (Trachinotus falcatus)
AKA: Round pompano, great pompano

Key West permitPermit are considered by many anglers to be the most prized gamefish. Probably the most shy and easily spooked fish on the flats. Someone once told me “A Permit is born nervous and dies of a heart-attack”. That is what makes them so alluring to the patient fisherman.

Fortunately for us, the permit happens to live in some of the most beautiful and serene waters on the planet. Imagine an early morning sun rise, a flat calm ocean, it is so quiet you can hear your own heart beat and up ahead 100 yards is the unmistakable tail of your quarry, a permit. You look around, no one as far as you can see. This is your chance, you pray that everything goes right and one of 100 things that could spook this fish doesn’t happen. To find out how this story ends come on down to the Conch Republic to spend a day aboard the Shadow Caster.

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