Tarpon Fishing in Key West

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TARPON (Megalops atlanticus)
aka: Silver king

Key West TarponFew fish provide the excitement and power of a Tarpon running and jumping clear of the water shaking theirs heads with such power that your heart begins to race and your jaw hits the deck. That is exactly way so many people come to the Florida Keys with hopes of tangling with one of these awesome fish.

Also known as the Silver King, Tarpon are very hardy creatures, with the ability to live in oxygen poor water. They are one of a very few fish that can “gulp” oxygen right out of the atmosphere using their swim bladders. They prefer water temperatures in the 74 – 88° and can be found in tropical and subtropical waters all over the world, with Key West being one of the most popular places to fish for them.

They are caught in Keys waters year round, but the annual spring migration brings them here in HUGE numbers. Tarpon usually range between 25 to 100 pounds but can reach weights in excess on 200 pounds. There are many ways to fish for The Silver King. You can hunt for them on the shallows with a fly rod, drift with live bait in channels or under bridges, or throw plugs around the mangroves. Whatever the method, one thing is for sure your tackle better be in top shape with plenty of line capacity. The tackle onboard the Shadow Caster is ALWAYS up to snuff.

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